Screening: Voices of Sápmi

Screening: Voices of Sápmi

Billy Survived, But He Was a Dazed Wanderer
Sápmi/Finland, 2020, 6 min. / Music video
Director: Lada Suomenrinne
Language: No dialogue
An experimental trip home to the north, accompanied by the hypnotic music of the Danish jazz fusion orchestra Fräzer.

Miessemánnu (A Calf Born in Winter)
Sápmi/Finland, 2022, 7 min. / Documentary
Director/Screenwriter: Jolanda Magga
Language: No dialogue
World Premiere

Indigenous Police
Sápmi/Norway, 2021, 12 min. / Drama
Director/Screenwriter: Egil Pedersen
Producer: Mathis Ståle Mathisen
Languages: Sámi~, Norwegian~

Vehádat vehádaga siste
Sápmi/Finland, 2021, 10 min. / Documentary
Director/Producer: Xia Torikka
Screenwriters: Xia Torikka, Tomi Lampinen
Languages: North Sámi; sub: Finnish/English
World premiere.

Living as a Human Being

Sápmi/Sweden, 2020, 5 min.
Directors: Jonah Senften, Jimmy Sundin
Languages: Sámi; sub. English~

Dološ niegut (Ancient Dreams)
Sápmi/Finland, 2021, 3 min. / Music video
Director: Marja Viitahuhta
Screenwriters: Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, Marja Viitahuhta
Producer: Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman

Screening: Voices of Sápmi

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